Balcony on the Aegean is located about 3.5km from the port of Parikia on a small hill overlooking the whole bay, close to the long, sandy beach of Parasporos and the palm beach of Agia Irini. The area is virtually uninhabited. To get there you need your own means of transportation. The villa is easy to find: when you are at the port with your back to the sea, you go right towards Agia Irini and Aliki. After you pass Parasporos beach on your right, you will see a sign to the Monastery of Agios Arsenios. Take a left on the road going upwards. Keep on going for a few minutes and you will see the villa in front of you!
View from the villa. The bay of Parikia and its surrounding hills, where you can witness some of the most amazing sunsets.